Surrounded by Garlic!

More baskets of garlicRoomful of garlicInchelium Redbaskets of garlicPolish White BraidsGerman Extra HardyRussian GiantInchelium Red

One of the great pleasures of growing garlic is when it is all harvested, cured, cleaned, weighed, measured, sorted, and gently placed in baskets on the shelf … and then you just sit in the middle of it all, inhale that wonderful fragrance, close your eyes, and imagine all the wonderful things you will do with these beauties! To be in a small room surrounded by nearly 1000 bulbs of garlic – well – it’s one of those indescribable moments you just have to experience! But so you, too, can live vicariously through me, I take great pleasure in sharing these pictures. Yes! I am willing to share! (for a price, of course) Contact me!

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