Garlic is Harvested and Curing!

Hooray! The garlic is harvested and is now 2 weeks into the curing process.

What do 1300 bulbs of hanging garlic look like?

Granted, by some standards, that is not a lot. But for me – and for many who buy a few bulbs now and then – it’s like, wow – over one thousand bulbs!

How to describe what it is like to step into a small room, surrounded by hanging garlic, and inhale the dense pungent aroma …

It makes you slip into visions of roasted bulbs, garlic bread, rich sauces, stir fries, pestos, tapenades ….

It’s enough to make one swoon ….

Do we have to wait?


Indulge NOW!

2 thoughts on “Garlic is Harvested and Curing!”

  1. This is what I love about the Internet. You get to meet so many wonderful people you might not otherwise ever encounter. To anyone reading this, the comment above was the beginning of a series of e-mails. John shares my enthusiasm for growing garlic and positive endeavors. We are hoping to trade some bulbs in 2009 if all grows well. And the answer to his questions: I grow a lot of Sicilian, but I can’t say it is Sicilian Gold. I have never heard of Kitab – but there are so many wonderful varieties out there – choosing which ones to devote the space to is a difficult decision! How do I charge? That’s a complicated question I may have to answer in a post. Thanks, John, for your post, and most of all for your friendship!

  2. hey blythe,we grow garlic on our small farm in central pa.and see you grow sicilian.we are looking for a source for sicilian gold if you are aware of anyone.i did not know if what you have is the same.names are always getting changed when they get to different do you charge for your garlic.can you give me kinda an idea as we are looking to add some different strains this coming year LORD willing.we are also looking for a strain named kitab. thank you, john j. bobinis


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