Building an Insect Hotel

When we ended that last blogpost, we were returning from the Bee Walk, excited about seeing honeybees up close (they’re very gentle, especially when they are foraging, you know), along with an assortment of other pollinators and numerous little green frogs.… Read more

Handmade Christmas Gift Strategy

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"Smiling Girls Give a Man a Handmade Felt Boutonniere as a Gift," by Volkmar K. Wentzel. Look how they are all smiling and laughing! He loves it!

It’s the countdown to Christmas. Is there any other holiday that gives us a running score of how many days we have left?… Read more

Thanksgiving Dog Biscuits

Here’s what happens when you put a plate full of cookies in front of a neurotic dog and tell him to smile for the camera.

An entire plate of turkey cookies - the smell is overwhelming.
"What is she doing? This must be a test.
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A Somewhat Unconventional Garlic Garden

After rescuing my website yesterday after near heart failure that I had wiped out everything, I had to get outside (note to website folks: the theme Atahualpa is a fantastic theme – and I love it – but it does not mesh well with WP e-Commerce, which apparently has issues under certain conditions).… Read more

A Memorial Garden Sanctuary

rosemary shrub over our mother's gravesite
We buried our mother's ashes beneath the rosemary. Lambchop, Argus, Griffin, Molly, and Lupine are near her side.

We planted my mother with the dogs in the pet cemetery. It’s true. She would have wanted it that way, right next to her best friend, little Lambchop.… Read more

Garlic Under Snow

Siberian Purple Stripe garlic sprout in mid-February
One day, we go from this...
Bed of Siberian Purple Stripe garlic bulbs in mid-February
…and this...
Garlic Sprout Under Snow
…to this (yikes!)
Garlic Bed Under Snow
("Garlic? Are you still there?" "Yes!" come the muffled replies)
Garlic Bed in a Snowstorm
…and even to this! No, there is nothing wrong with your monitor. This is an official picture of a garlic bed in a snowstorm.
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New Year’s for the Birds

Varied Thrush on fence
Word is out! FOOD & WATER!

The days may be getting longer, but we’re just now settling into winter proper. I have never quite understood this topsy-turvey concept. Today we awoke to a shivering 20-degree morning under a frosty blanket; last week, we were warmer than Orlando; a month earlier, we were buried under 2 feet of snow and temps in the teens.… Read more

Harvest Now for Holiday Gifts from the Garden!

Calendula blossoms make an awesome salve
We’ve had a few unseasonably warm days lately here on the Olympic Peninsula – the kind of days that made me think I could still plant a few cool-weather veggies in the greenhouse and conduct a little experiment with garlic bulbils (more about that later). … Read more

Fall Abundance – and a Great Recipe for Apple Cake

Apples in the evening sunSo many reasons why I love this simply gorgeous time of year!  But aaaghhh! So much to do! …last-minute scramble to button things up for winter, can and freeze surplus produce, get the garlic in the ground, don’t forget fall cover crops…

Seems like everything is ready at once: corn, tomatoes, green beans, beets … and all those greens & brassicas are really coming into their prime with the cooler temps.… Read more