Mysterious Plant — 8 Comments

  1. NOT a Rhody. More like a Sarcococca, but that’s not it either. I forgot the name but get it out of your garden while you can. Spreads like wildfire and has deep roots. Seeds everywhere.

  2. I understand it may sound silly, but it looks like a baby Rhododendron to me, especially the leaves and stalk.

    There are so many wonderful gardeners out there, I am sure you shall have your answer soon!

    Thank you for all you do and all that you share.

    Warm Regards,

    Ms Kim Rutherford

    • It DOES look like the Rhodie family, doesn’t it! That was my first guess, too. But the flowers aren’t nearly as showy – plus, they are very wax-like. I haven’t found anything on the Internet yet to match it. Thanks for getting back to me on it. Glad you like the site. Would love to meet you one of these days!

      • Indeed, we share two very special and remarkable human beings: Gary and Victor! No one else is allowed to help me with Natasha’s Memorial Garden. We shall meet in the near future…I love your family!
        Warm Regards, Ms Kim Rutherford

        • I am about to brew a new batch of “Jump Juice.” I had an extra bottle for you that I gave to Victor, but he moved before he had a chance. I have your name on one of the bottles coming up. 🙂 (and yes, those two are pretty special!)

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