Mystery Solved! Daphne laureola — 2 Comments

  1. WOW! Good thing you found out ASAP! Reminded me of the time I planted Violet Datura — it was actually given to me in a seed packet from a seed company. What a mess! For years! It was a little easier to pull than your Daphne, but the seeds that were disbursed from the pods left behind by beautiful flowers, were like the Despicable Minions!!

    Thanks for solving the mystery, I’m sure that guy will enjoy your garlic in Australia

    • I regret the day I planted Mugwort (purchased seeds from a reputable company) because it is supposed to give “prophetic dreams” – more like nightmares! The thing about this Daphne is that I thought it so beautiful, and not realizing what it was, I mulched and pampered it over the winter! I was more concerned over whether I was going to have to move the little tree nearby! Some things are better learned the hard way – then we don’t forget!

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