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  1. Blythe,
    So glad to have come across your site and lovely account of touring Paul’s gardens & orchard.
    Last month, I published the official biography of Paul Gautschi called GROWING FOOD GOD’S WAY. It is a 255pp paperback. Paul wrote the Introduction and Joel Salatin wrote the Foreword.
    Much of what you share is expanded in the chapter called: It Takes a Village (of animals and organisms).
    At this point, all the books from the 1st printing are out already (amongst 7 countries and 114 US cities). People can read three chapters free on the website (including It Takes a Village).Folks use the website to essentially get on a waiting list to get one or more copies from a future 2nd printing.
    Keep up the fine work, DD

    • Hi David – Glad you found my site! I just placed an order for your book and am very much looking forward to reading and sharing it. Hope the 2nd printing is out soon. In the meantime, I encourage people to visit your site at . Best of luck to you on your book and other endeavors!

  2. I loved this page,,, gives me some ideas.

    Of course, I must add,,, one can never eat to much garlic. 🙂

    • Good to hear from you again, Harvey! Hope the added mulch works out for you & makes your gardening super easy! And yes, the garlic definitely keeps the blood flowing, which, as far as I can tell, is a Good thing in this life!

  3. This is Paul’s Back to Eden Site. where his technique/philosophy video can be seen. Last Fall I converted the garden to this …. Excluding only potatoes and garlic.

    IF the Chinese Pink garlic scapes this year, they will probably start to show by the first week of June….they’re down turning and inconspicuous. Our Winter was warm so they may not scape.

    Love your bee adventures.

    • Thanks for the link, Bob – (I have it above, too, but it doesn’t stand out very well). For other readers: Bob’s link takes you to the interactive mapping page where people are posting where they live and sharing their gardens – very cool! Hope this takes off. Link to the film on the upper right. “It’s all about the covering.” I am always learning! It’s hard to find enough woodchips, though, is my only problem!

      By the way – my Chinese Pinks are showing yellowing of the bottom leaves! I dug down around a bulb and don’t see anything wrong, but it seems waaaay early to be maturing! I might give them a little fish fertilizer to see if they perk up – but I feel like a newbie all over again, stressing over whether they’re ok! (Does this feeling ever go away?) BTW – Glad to hear your bulbils are up!

      And yes, the bees are such a fun adventure! They are doing great!

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