Thank You! Almost There!

All-RIGHT! Very Cool! You have taken the first step toward joining the Barbolian Fields Fan Club!

There is one more instruction you must follow in this Double-Opt-In Plan to make sure you are a humanoid – and that is, check your e-mail and reconfirm that you do, indeed, want to be added to this elite club membership.

I mean, seriously, what have you got to lose?

And I KNOW you are curious….

(It must be the lure of that fancy decoder ring.)

In all honesty, I promise not to bombard you with a ton of emails. 

In fact, I have been really lousy about getting newsletters out at all.

But I am trying to make an effort to change this behavior, because all the website gurus tell me I should.

So – in the spirit of sharing fun and inspirational ideas, I am hoping you will toss a few our way & we can bounce them back into the blog-o-sphere.

And if there is something in particular you would like me to research / ramble about, or maybe if you have some experiences that you think might help me make sense of my little insanity – by all means, let me know! I can be reached at blythe @ barbolian[dot]com.  (The link takes you to a form to help cut down on spam.)

Thanks again, and looking forward!



Thank You! Almost There! — 5 Comments

    • Yes – we CAN grow sweet corn in Sequim! Last summer was a phenomenal year for those who did. I never thought I would transplant corn seedlings, but that is how I have had the greatest success. Where we live, though, the wind can be a real force to reckon with, and can make the difference between standing tall and fallen comrades. Corn has such a shallow root system for such a heavy, tall plant. There are a lot of places that are more sheltered than ours, though. I figure if I can grow it, anybody can. Thanks for stopping in. I hope to put more posts up soon. Come back again!

    • We are neighbors! You are welcome to come visit our gardens any time! And would love to see the progress you are making on that rock pile you are dealing with! Certainly, it can’t be worse than what you find in Texas!

      • HI! I tried to find your farm the other day, to no avail:( What is the best route, vs my GPS?
        Texas just had a lot of fire ants to contend with, no rocks! But definitely better weather here:))

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