2018 Highlights; 2019 Goals, Strategies, and New Beginnings — 4 Comments

  1. Blythe – Happy New Year to you! I have thought about next year’s veg garden and have decided we need to to pare down in seed-planting when Spring comes. The problem: the scrumptious photos on the seed packets paired with a winter-long hunger for fresh garden veggies – makes me buy way too much! You bring up a good point in that all those veggies need weeding, watering etc. Then there’s always more than enough vegetables, too much really. Next year we’ll grow less and buy more from the local farmer’s market.
    You’re lovely in the photo and your granddaughter is a darling!

    • Hi Beth! Great to hear from you! And boy, do I hear ya! The seed companies definitely hit us at our most vulnerable. These rainy days are perfect for slobbering over catalogs with a highlighter in hand. And the Internet just makes it so darned easy! Apparently, I write about this almost every year, as shown by a quick search on my site for “seed catalog.” It is so easy to get carried away. But you are right, you succumb, you toil and baby these things all summer long, and then you have all this great food (that was the idea, right?), BUT – if you don’t figure out how to preserve it (read that, find time to preserve it), you have to deal with all this guilt for wasting it, not to mention the grief of all that work for nothing. We are so fortunate to have so many good farms around us. I figure they are way cheaper than a psychiatrist. The real trick is in the self-restraint required in the first place. I still plant way too much anyway. It gives me an opportunity to give the surplus to neighbors and food banks and to practice being ok with putting back into the soil what came out of it. LOL.

      Thank you for your kind compliments. My little granddaughter is definitely a little sweetheart 🙂

  2. Nice post, Blythe, thanks. I too had sooo many snakes this year- it was a little intimidating. They creep me out. Do you think it was a weather condition, or do you think the population is on the rise? I liked it better when I didn’t see them!

    • I think they are a GOOD thing. They eat a lot of bugs and also SLUGS, which puts them very high on my friend list! I figure my garden is developing a healthy ecosystem if I find snakes in it. I even pile up rocks and bricks here and there to give them places to hide. I am very careful in turning the compost pile (which tends to be a bit dry), because they are often just under the surface. I also find them under any black plastic lying around. Course, we just have little garter snakes, so I might feel differently if they were the venomous kind, but some can get rather large and can really startle when I suddenly find one almost underfoot! I read that they can tell each other apart and communicate with pheromones; their communities can be quite complex. For me, when I learn more about a creature, the creepiness factor is replaced with awe and respect. In some places, some species are becoming endangered, so if you have a haven for snakes, that is awesome!

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