Time to Plant Garlic!

Yes, NOW is a perfect time to plant garlic in the Pacific Northwest, and my guess is, if you haven’t planted them already, you have some voluptuous bulbs in your hot little hands just waiting for the right conditions to take root.… Read more

Death by Garlic, Revived by Kale

Not a reflection - it's the willow tree, reaching for the blue sky
Not a reflection - it's the corkscrew willow tree, reaching for the blue sky in winter

Helllooo February! What a stretch of great weather we’ve had! If the groundhog saw his shadow, it was only because he wasn’t facing the sun!… Read more

10 Tips for Growing Corn in the Pacific Northwest

Yes! It is possible to grow corn in the Pacific Northwest!
Happy Day! We have CORN!

Yes – YES! We DO have corn! Here at Barbolian Fields, we are doing the Corny Happy Dance.

HOW – you may ask – did we manage to get corn to grow in this questionable of all seasons?… Read more