Time to Plant Garlic!

Yes, NOW is a perfect time to plant garlic in the Pacific Northwest, and my guess is, if you haven’t planted them already, you have some voluptuous bulbs in your hot little hands just waiting for the right conditions to take root.… Read more

Got Garlic???? YES we DO!

If you’ve checked out my “Garlic Variety” page lately, you might think “there are no products.”

ACTUALLY – WE HAVE LOTS OF GARLIC – REALLY GREAT GARLIC, in fact – even though many in our community had crop failures.

This is a prime example of the con side of doing your own website when you don’t know what the heck you’re doing!… Read more

Garlic Still Available!

garlic bundleIt’s garlic scramble time. That means it’s that time of year when we are all scrambling to find those unique bulbs that you simply can’t find in the stores. Is it just me, or does it seem that gourmet garlic varieties are hard to find this year?… Read more

Surrounded by Garlic!

More baskets of garlicRoomful of garlicInchelium Redbaskets of garlicPolish White BraidsGerman Extra HardyRussian GiantInchelium Red

One of the great pleasures of growing garlic is when it is all harvested, cured, cleaned, weighed, measured, sorted, and gently placed in baskets on the shelf … and then you just sit in the middle of it all, inhale that wonderful fragrance, close your eyes, and imagine all the wonderful things you will do with these beauties!… Read more

Barbolian Garlic Harvest 2011


Our garlic harvest was a full month later than in some years, but yes – the garlic is in and hanging in the shed – AND THE GOOD NEWS IS: IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!Read more

Artichoke Beauty and the Art of Aioli

artichoke flowerThe artichoke is such an amazing creature. It is something I usually associate with California or Mediterranean gardens, so here in my little windy corner of the Pacific Northwest, it is always a fascinating treat when I get one to grow and bloom.… Read more

Garlic Reconnects Old Friends and Makes New Ones

Barbolian Garlic Thriving in the Mojave DesertI know, that is a long title that probably won’t do anything for me in the Google ratings. But that’s ok.

I was just thinking about how garlic (and the Internet) has helped me get back in touch with old friends and also begin friendships with others who are as passionate as I am about gardening, family farms, and sustainable living.… Read more