Rat in the rafters

Greenhouse Organization and Winterization: Nov-Dec 2020 Greenhouse Report

Greenhouse Report for Nov-Dec 2020: Greenhouse Organization and Winterization tips: Optimize shelving, mulching, grouping. Maintain access paths. Block air holes. Oh yeah, and run out the rats. Here is how to do all that and still leave room for flowering geraniums, just because they spark joy! 

Winter Greenhouse under snow

Winter Greenhouse Gardening: Strategies for Survival in an Unheated Space

Definitely still winter here in the PNW! Here are some strategies for gardening in an unheated winter greenhouse and ideas on how to keep your plants alive, no matter what it’s doing out there! Also – here’s what we have going on in the Barbolian Fields greenhouse and some gardening tasks for January. Stay warm!

Willow Ball in Winterland

Goodbye, Winter

The Winter’s dance, a play with white, shadow, and stillness.

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