Yellow Tips on Garlic and Other Growing Dilemmas — 5 Comments

  1. I discovered that leaving the scape on a few garlic plants will tell me when to harvest. The scape unwinds itself and when its standing straight up, its ready. It has worked perfectly for me. I only leave 4 or 5 scapes and that speaks for the rest. Great blog!

    • What a great tip! I am curious, though – do you find that the bulbs with the scapes left on mature more slowly? A lot of people think that by leaving the scapes on, they get smaller bulbs; whereas, I have found that if I just leave them in the ground a little longer, they catch up in size. They seem to store better, too. So many variables go into all that, though! Thanks, Penny – I like how the plants have different ways of telling us how they are doing. (Glad you like the blog 🙂 Thank you. Wish I could find time to write in it more often!)

  2. Great blog post! I got quite a few chuckles from it. Looks like we grow and harvest garlic same way but, I am going to have to add “a positive juju dance whenever the inspiration strikes!”

    • oops, almost the same way…I am a crazy spring planter, so 5 months from planting to harvest. Harvest is about a month later than fall planted garlic 🙂

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