Garlic for Barter and Trade

What do 3 dozen eggs, 3 bottles of honey, and a beautiful handcrafted dish have to do with garlic?

In trade for garlic: pottery, honey, eggs
In trade for garlic: pottery, honey, eggs. Yes! We love all these things!

Barter Fare!

This picture is of my three most recent trades: a pottery dish made by Linda R.Read more

Happy Day – Rodent or Otherwise

Whether it be groundhogs, prairie dogs, woodchucks, marmots, or maybe some other small furry mammal, we of the supposedly more intelligent species are looking to them on what for most is a cold day in early February for guidance. Silly humans.… Read more

Permaculture by Nature

Paul Gautschi
Strong, expressive hands – huge spirit – Paul Gautschi shares his love for God and His creation.

Paul Gautschi is not a big man in stature, and one cannot help but notice that just walking is difficult for him, as his body is quite crippled from the ravages of Agent Orange.… Read more

Warre Hives Set Up at Barbolian Fields

The Warre Hives are finished and out in the field, awaiting the bees!

Here is a video to show you how it’s all put together (plus a little introductory harp music by yours truly – just can’t resist!)

Want a closer look?

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Nettle Soup

Stinging nettles
Nettles. (Photo from

I love foraging. I love the idea that there is all that food out there just free for the gathering. This is a perfect time of year for foraging, because a little bit later, many plants turn tough and bitter.… Read more

How to Prune an Old Apple Tree

AKA: Rescuing the Old, the Warped, and the Neglected in Your Orchard (we’re talking about fruit trees here)

This old apple tree obviously needs pruning

Ok. I admit to having a certain level of pruning phobia. Cutting is just so drastic. So life-changing. So controlling. There is so much potential to do wrong.… Read more

A Memorial Garden Sanctuary

rosemary shrub over our mother's gravesite
We buried our mother's ashes beneath the rosemary. Lambchop, Argus, Griffin, Molly, and Lupine are near her side.

We planted my mother with the dogs in the pet cemetery. It’s true. She would have wanted it that way, right next to her best friend, little Lambchop.… Read more

Garlic Under Snow

Siberian Purple Stripe garlic sprout in mid-February
One day, we go from this...
Bed of Siberian Purple Stripe garlic bulbs in mid-February
…and this...
Garlic Sprout Under Snow
…to this (yikes!)
Garlic Bed Under Snow
("Garlic? Are you still there?" "Yes!" come the muffled replies)
Garlic Bed in a Snowstorm
…and even to this! No, there is nothing wrong with your monitor. This is an official picture of a garlic bed in a snowstorm.
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